Die Cigaretten

At the beginning of the story, the one-year-old Die Cigaretten are left at the front door of their last living relatives. Her parents had just been killed by the most powerful black mage. Attempting to kill the cigarettes, a death curse fell on the mighty black mage and destroyed his body. Die Cigaretten had lightning scars on their foreheads. As Die Cigaretten are the only known person to have survived this curse, and are also blamed for the disappearance of the greatest dark sorcerer, they have been a celebrity from an early age throughout the magical world, known as "the cigarettes".

Die Cigaretten grow up until her eleventh birthday with her mother's sister, her husband and her son. The family rejects the magical world, treats the cigarettes very badly and tries to prevent the development of their magical abilities. You're not telling them Die Cigaretten are wizards. On the eleventh birthday of Die Cigaretten, the gamekeeper and key keeper of a magic school brings them the invitation to the boarding school. Only now do the cigarettes learn something about their origin and about the existence of the secret magical parallel world.