The Dutts09.02.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR019

Created in 2015, this colossus does not distribute candy floss, it is not sweet and you don't throw cute kissing hands at it.

Seeking answers to why everything is going down the drain, this six-eyed, idiosyncratic The Dutts tank with pain-free garage punk ammunition shoots open our oxidizing ear canals to reveal a new dimension of balance.
Their music is apparently an inexhaustible, soul-rousing non-stop energy that is not content with prevailing circumstances, but rather blows out encrusted eyes for a clearer view of the past and present, which is what makes up the shaky future.
Equipped with a Sean Wood-like, gloomy, denouncing throat, border-cracking guitar, an unstoppable rolling bass, precise and pulse-strengthening drums, The Dutts are the maximum charge of atropine against the simplicity and clichés of our small universe.

Sgt. Cooper - Living In A Grain30.03.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR018

Debut EP by Hamburg's youngsters Sgt. Cooper. Delivering some cheesy garage pop tunes with a hint of Surf and Folk. Cool as a buckt of ice in the desert Gobi.

Dolphin Lovers - Sometimes I Talk With A Ghost30.03.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR017

Melting Palms 06.04.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR016

Debut EP by Hamburg's newest psych/shoegaze outfit Melting Palms.

Onion Joe & the Tarantula26.01.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR015

My Friend Peter - In Between02.03.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR014

Swutscher - Wilde Deutsche Prärie25.05.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR013

Staatsakt (LP/CD/Digi)
La Pochette Surprise Records (Cassette)

Warm Swords - Demostruction04.05.2018 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR012

My Friend Peter - Live at Komet07.05.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR011

My Friend Peter live at the "Is It Severe?" Record Release Party 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.
Performing an awesome set of his psychedelic Dream Pop. My Friend Peter's Live Band consist of members of Swutscher, Dolphin Lovers, Melting Palms and wearemarvin.

Digital Only

Oscar & die Eitelkeit - Zu Fertig Um Anzufangen08.04.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR010

Death Canyons - Death Canyons II16.05.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSR009


Formats: Cassette

Saschi Kavalier - Im Frühling06.03.2017 · La Pochette Surprise Records · LPSD001

Saschi Kavalier is a true hearted Cavalier that brings you love and joy in these dark and unstable times. His love for simple but loving melodies and the delicate use of old traditional folk instrumentals end up in the beauty of his debut single “Im Frühling”. The first song of his upcoming debut EP “Kavaliersdelikte”, set to be released on la pochette surprise records later this year.

Digital Single